Blue Rabbit Studios Referral Program

We love the costumes we are able to make, we want to share our passion, and we want you to be a part of the Blue Rabbit Studios family! That’s why we have started the Blue Rabbit Studios Referral Program!

For every person you refer to us that turns into a fursuit* commission, we will give you $100 off your next commission. These referrals are stack-able, so for instance, if you were to refer five people to us, all of whom commissioned us for fursuits, you would receive a total of $500 off your fursuit* commission.

“But blue bunnies”, we hear you say, “How do I do this??”

When the person you refer fills out our quote form, there is a field for them to enter your name. Once that happens, it gets recorded in our system. Then later when you fill out a quote form for yourself, just mention in the notes field that you referred your friends to us, and we’ll look up the info and confirm it! It’s that easy!

It’s our mission to be the friendliest, most passionate fursuit making rabbits we can be. We love helping others through our fursuits. We love seeing you share your passion of fursuiting with the world. And we look forward to being able to bring your character to life

Stay fluffy!

*Applies only to full, partial and plush suits.