Havoc the Husky

Havoc is an extreme husky with a big personality. He features a mask that allows the performer to comfortably wear glasses, articulate moving jaw, and silicone paw pads.

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2 responses to “Havoc the Husky”

  1. Caio S. says:

    Hello team!
    Sorry for sending this message but I really don’t understand how FurBuy works, so I prefered to contact you directly.
    Would you ship it to Brazil? I can pay by PayPall. I’m hugely interested in this guy. OMG he’s exactly what I was looking for!
    I’ll be waiting for your answers.

    • Aerak Rabbit says:

      Unfortunately we can’t end the auction early – it wouldn’t be fair on everyone else. We can ship to Brazil. The best price we could find was USPS for a little over $500 USD. DHL and UPS want almost double. But if you can get Furbuy to work and are okay with the price of shipping, we’d be happy to sell him to you. =)

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