Duct Tape Dummy Tutorial

What the heck is a duct tape dummy?
A duct tape dummy is a really simple and accurate way to represent a person’s body shaping.

Why do these bunnies want me to make one?
Making one and sending it to us is the best way to ensure the costume you are commissioning fits you.

Okay, sounds interesting! How do I make one?
You will need:

  • Several rolls of duct tape. (You can buy it in any single color you want as long as it’s not black)
  • All Purpose Coveralls (You can pick these up from Home Depot or Menards)
  • Scissors
  • A Sharpie
  • Toilet Paper or Paper Towel

The final component is finding as many people as possible who want to cover you in duct tape. The more friends, the faster the process will go!

Put on your fancy, new coveralls. Have your friends cut out 12″-18″ strips of duct tape, and starting at your stomach, start sticking them on. As they are putting the strips on, you want them to press the duct tape tight against your body, but not so tight that you start turning blue. That’s not how you become a blue rabbit! Work from the waist down, all the way to your ankles.

Once that is done, have your people work their way up to your chest. Before starting on the chest, you’ll want to take in a deep breath (an important part of the “not turning blue” process!). Make sure to get all the way up to your neck.

Next do the arms. Please note, having something to wrest your arms against, such as chairs, will help a lot with this part of the process. Have your friends cut shorter segments of duct tape for this – around 6″. Go all the way to your wrist. If the coveralls don’t go all the way to your wrists, take some TP or paper towels and wrap it around the bare skin before adding duct tape.

You are almost done.

Have your friends check for any spots they may have missed, and patch those up with more duct tape.

Last step.

With your sharpie, starting from the outside of your ankles, have your helpers draw a line up your sides to your arm pits, and then down the under side of your arms. And on one of those sides, draw a link from your under-arm to your neck line. Have your friends place “X”s as they go (This will help us put the duct tape dummy back together at our studio). Also, please mark “Front” and “Back”, so we don’t someone create your fursuit backwards! One last thing, draw a line marking where your waist is.

Now, CAREFULLY, have your friends cut along the lines until you are out of your duct tape prison. Go slowly, and have a safe word in case the scissors start to pinch your skin – “OUCH!” seems to work well.

And now you are done! Pat yourself on the back and thank your friends with some pizza.