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Back from Anthrocon and back to work!

Back from Anthrocon and back to work!

By Aerak Rabbit on July 4, 2017

If you are from Germany and recently submitted a quote request, your email was entered incorrectly and we can’t contact you. Please use the contact us link at the top of our website, or private message us over any of our social media channels. We also sent you a note on your FA page. =)

Hi there, fluffs!

We just returned from Pittsburgh and we spotted our angel dragon, Hibiscus, in the parade! It was really amazing getting to see him bounce around. His new owner is very happy with him. It was so inspirational getting to see all the lovely costumes and talk to people about our passion. Plus, Pittsburgh is a beautiful city, with a rich history and some absolutely amazing restaurants. Shoutout to Ten Penny across from the convention center – it was the best food we have ever had. Even better than blueberries! (Which is hard to believe, we know)

Going to this convention was an incredible adventure, full of memories we will never forget. Now it’s time for us to start the next adventure! Today, we will be ordering supplies for the next four costumes, all of which need to be finished by the end of August. On top of that, we also need to get banners and fixtures ordered for our vendor table at Furry Migration. We have several other exciting announcements that you will be hearing about within the next week or two!

We hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer! And as always, remember to stay fluffy!