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Our Prices Are Changing!

Our Prices Are Changing!

By Aerak Rabbit on November 17, 2017

Hey there, Fluffs!

In an effort to completely fill our fursuit commission queue for 6 months, we are drastically lowering our prices! We think the quality and value of our suits is much higher than what we are charging, however, not having a queue filled up is stressful on us. We would rather take a bit of a financial hit and know that we have half a year of business lined up.

These reduced prices affect all standard Partial and Full Suits (Plantigrade and Digitigrade). Plush Suits and fully padded and shaped fursuits are not being lowered due to how much more labor is required to make them.

Thank you to all of our supporters and people who have believed in us! Have a great day and remember to Stay Fluffy!