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Realistic Bird Commission

Realistic Bird Commission

By Aerak Rabbit on March 20, 2017

Hey every-bunny!

Just a reminder, we are still open for commissions. If you have a character, we’d love the opportunity to work with you to bring it to life! Just use the quote form at the top of this website and we’ll get right back to you.

This past month we were able to work on a realistic bird costume! The customer already had a realistic head from a different maker, and wanted a bodysuit and parts to match! This was a really fun project for us, as we usually work on toony creations and this gave us the opportunity to try out a bunch of new techniques. We had heard about a way to create realistic looking foam feathers using pearlescent paint, and were eager to try it out.

These feathers started out as strips of thin foam (about 2mm thick). We trimmed all the edges to give that feathered look, and then we scored them to provide the texture. After that we painted them black and then after the layers paint dried, we mixed in some pearlescent red paint. That was followed by a couple layers of glossy finish which adds to the natural sheen that bird feathers have. After that we adhered wire to the back of them to add some strength so that they wouldn’t bend as easily.

Once the individual feathers were finished, we arranged them and glued them into place. At the base of the tail we sewed together a tuft of black fur to tie it into the rest of the costume.

We also worked on scaled hands using a similar effect and modified the head with feathers. We really hope we will have the opportunity to do more realistic costumes like this in the future!