Custom mascot costumes by experienced bunnies
In the market for a custom mascot? Want to give an event or convention that extra little kick? Let us help you!
We do everything from toony critters to characters who light up and speak! We want to help you bring your character to life.
Our workshop is in full swing!

Our workshop is in full swing!

By Aerak Rabbit on August 17, 2017

Hi there, fluffs!

If you are returning, welcome back! And if this is your first time checking us out, thanks for joining us! We hope we can help you bring your character to life!

It’s been a super busy couple of weeks.

We have a couple new partial fursuits that we are selling at Furry Migration. We have a Bunny (posted above) and a Green Red Panda we’re still working to finish up. We’re also working on lots of┬áparts that we will have for sale at our booth! If you are at the convention, keep an eye out for our banner! Hopefully we will see you there!

Stay fluffy!